• Serving Western NC since 1938

    Henson Building Materials was established in 1938. Our locations are in Forest City, Black Mountain, and Linville, serving the Western North Carolina region, and in 2012, we expanded our services to Upstate South Carolina with our newest location in the Tryon/Landrum area. We offer a full line of building materials, tools, and hardware for professional contractors, remodelers, and do-it-yourself homeowners. In 2007, Henson Building Materials was purchased by Warner Robins Supply Company, a 65 year-old central Georgia building materials and hardware supplier that is a second-generation, family-owned and operated company. Both companies share the same business values that Henson's has built their name on for over 75 years.

    Henson Building Materials is an active member of the local community surrounding each store location. Here are some of the local entities we support with links to their websites.

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    Black Mountain, NC

    Black Mountain Chamber of Commerce
    The Black Mountain Region is the front porch of the Western North Carolina Mountain Region. From the most upscale cuisine, to country cooking and BBQ, the area is home to over forty restaurants sure to please any palate. Dine inside or outside, while enjoying the local flavor or celebrating a special occasion. Black Mountain truly is the front porch to western North Carolina's mountain region.

    Asheville Area Chamber Of Commerce
    The Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce is your official source for everything Asheville, whether you're visiting, living or searching for businesses in our amazing community! Ashville is consistently on several top ten lists of the best places to live or retire.
    Asheville Home Builders Association
    Asheville Home Builders Association provides services to promote the home building industry in Asheville, NC. Asheville is consistently on top ten lists of the best places to live in nature!
    Explore Asheville
    The Asheville area, named a must–see destination by Frommer's, boasts a thriving arts community, diverse outdoor adventures, a vibrant and inviting downtown, numerous historic and architectural attractions, and unique shopping options.
    Buncombe County, North Carolina
    Buncombe County Government’s mission is to promote a healthy, safe, well-educated, and thriving community with a sustainable quality of life and an effective and efficient government our citizens can trust.
    Western North Carolina Green Building Council
    WNCGBC is a 501C3 non-profit organization whose mission is to promote environmentally sustainable and health conscious building practices through community education.
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    Forest City, NC

    Rutherford Chamber of Commerce
    The Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce is organized for the purpose of advancing the commercial, industrial, civic, and cultural interests of the citizens of Rutherford County.

    Rutherford Tourism
    The Lake Lure area has a bounty of attractions and activities to satisfy your need to play. Outdoor options abound: scramble to the top of the rock at Chimney Rock State Park, splash around with water sports at Lake Lure, cast a line in the Rocky Broad River, perfect your swing at our championship golf courses, bike the back roads.
    Rutherford County, NC
    Whether you want to be close to the action of a bustling metropolitan area, or prefer a serene rural setting, Rutherford County has it all within reach.
    Town of Forest City, NC
    Forest City, NC located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. Our town is very close to major cities but we have maintained that family atmosphere that is the heart of our community.
    Town of Spindale, NC
    Gentle breezes, bright skies and a comfortable lifestyle are waiting for you here. Just moments from U.S. Hwy 74-A, Spindale, North Carolina is centrally located in Rutherford County. The Kid Senses Interactive Children's museum is within 5 miles of most any place in Spindale.
    Town of Rutherfordton, NC
    Established in 1787, Rutherfordton is among the oldest towns in western North Carolina and is the seat of the oldest continuous government in the region. Steeped in history since the Revolutionary War, this Town has managed to keep its “old time” charm while progressing into the 21st century.
    Town of Lake Lure, NC
    Lake Lure is a well-known destination for thousands of visitors each year from around this country, Canada, and abroad. The Town of Lake Lure is a beautiful place to visit and a wonderful place to live; it is the home of over 1,050 permanent residents. Located in western North Carolina, the town sits in the heart of Hickory Nut Gorge, east of Asheville.
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    Linville, NC
    Linville, NC
    Known for the popular ski resorts, Ski Sugar, Ski Beech, and Ski Hawksnest, Linville has plenty more to offer. Located just south of the US 221 and NC 105 intersection in Avery County, Linville is a popular destination for golfing, lodging, dining, and hiking. For spectacular breathtaking views, visit Blowing Rock and Grandfather Mountain. Other popular sights are Linville Caverns and Linville Falls. Your getaway to Linville and its surrounding beauty won’t be disappointing.
    Banner Elk
    Noted for the ski capitol of the South, Banner elk sits in the center of “The High Country” in the Western North Carolina Mountains. There’s plenty to do in this unique little town with big southern culture. From the shops to the restaurants, you might wind up staying longer than you had planned.
    Blowing Rock
    Easily accessible to and from the Blue Ridge Parkway, Blowing Rock offers many beautiful views and countless things to do for such a small, quaint little town. Named “the only place in the world where snow falls upside down” by Ripley’s-Believe-It-Or-Not, Blowing Rock has been a tourist attraction since 1933. Visiting this place will be something that you won’t forget.
    High on the Appalachian Mountains, the town of Boone, NC acquired its name from the famous pioneer and explorer Daniel Boone. Incorporated in 1872, this quaint town has the highest elevation east of the Mississippi River topping at 3,300 feet. Snow is almost always expected in the winter time so bring your skis and take off to the slopes. If traveling in the summer, the temperatures are always warm but never too hot. Boone is known as an “ultimate outdoor adventure destination” in the Southeast for all four seasons…welcoming everyone, anytime of the year.
    ? ?
    Tryon NC/Landrum SC
    Carolina Foothills Chamber of Commerce
    The Carolina Foothills Chamber of Commerce is your local source for everything that involves the surrounding towns of Columbus, Landrum, Saluda, and Tryon in Polk County. From local business services to unique places to eat, sleep, and shop, the Carolina Foothills Chamber is the place to visit for any interest, whether you’re a tourist or have just moved in the area and need to find your place around.
    Towns of Columbus, Landrum, Saluda, Tryon
    These four towns are closely nit, and have their own unique ability to draw you in to each one, declaring them totally different from the other. Please visit the link above to learn more about each town and how each of them came to be. From Tryon’s history of once being the training center for the U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team, to Saluda’s National Register of Historic Places, each town has mentionable history to admire.
    Popular Area Events
    The Blue Ridge Barbecue and Music Festival is held every year in Tryon, NC. It’s considered one of the most popular sanctioned BBQ competitions held in the U.S.
    Polk County:
    The Polk County website has information on just about everything you need to know relating to county events, economic development, tourism, plus many more interests involving the towns of Polk County.


    Late 50's

    Early 60's

    Around 1938, Wright Bauchman Lumber Company out of West Virginia purchased 25,000 acres in Golden Valley, Rutherford County, NC. They would lose one horse a day due to the land being so rough. They organized a saw mill on Duke Street in Forest City, building five “huts” beside the planer building (a process of trimming down the wood to dimensional sizes). One of the huts was used as a kitchen in which one man cooked all day for the workers. The other four huts were overnight lodging for the workers who worked on the Golden Valley property. A Mr.Carl Henson, a saw mill operator from Tennessee, was hired on as the Manager of the saw mill that had yet to have a name…

    In 1951, the saw mill was named Henson Timber Products. Later, in the mid 1980’s, Henson Timber Products changed the name to Henson Building Materials. Today, we serve Western North Carolina with our locations in Forest City, Black Mountain, and Linville. In 2012, we grew to serve Upstate South Carolina with our location in the Tryon/Landrum area.

    Surviving past recessions in the housing market industry, Henson Building Materials still thrives in serving Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina with high quality building materials at competitive prices.

    For over 75 years, we've built our name on service and quality you can trust. Henson Building Materials - Your Hometown Building Supply.

    Late 60's



    We are pleased to announce several additions and changes to our personnel at Henson over the recent six months:

    Tryon-Landrum - Dennis Fletcher was recently promoted to Outside Builder Sales Representative for the Polk County, NC and Upstate, SC market areas. Dennis has been with Henson for a year at the inside sales counter. His responsibilities now will entail direct service and sales to builders in the field. 

    Forest City - Clint McGinnis was recently promoted to location Assistant Manager at our Forest City location. Clint has been with Henson for many years in many capacities in both Forest City and Tryon-Landrum most of which involved contractor sales. 

    We recently added Darren Hill to our Forest City staff as an Outside Builder Sales Representative calling on the Cleveland, Rutherford and McDowell County regions of NC. Darren brings a wealth of experience to the table as a builder, design expert and purchasing agent. 

    Linville – We recently added to our staff in Linville, NC Ricky McNeil as an Outside Sales Millwork Sales Representative. Ricky brings a whole host of experience to our team both in millwork retail sales as well as wholesale. Ricky will be providing expertise as our Marvin Window Specialist in the Boone to Linville market area.

    We at Henson welcome this new breed of enthusiastic performers to our respective teams, and welcome all of our customers to come to our Henson locations and meet our new team members.

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